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Massage brought to you and your staff in the corporate setting
Let wellness extend into the office environment and have on-site massage therapy be a vital part of a maintenance program to keep staff healthier and more productive. Show employees your appreciation for all their hard work.
Studies have recently shown that the human body should not sit more than 3 hours at any time, yet office workers sit far longer than that on a daily basis.  Low back, shoulder and neck pain are the issues most often seen with desk workers.  Tension headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist nerve pain), and sciatic pain (nerve pain down the back of the leg) can also develop.  Dead lines and work loads can increase stress levels which can decrease immune levels.
Studies have also shown that massage improves immunity, increases productivity, decreases stress levels, and improves joint movements.  On-site massage can be a thank you to your staff,  an on going benefit to improve health, or part of a corporate special event.  
The size of the company is not an issue as one or multiple therapists are available to ensure that the entire staff benefits from the time at your organization.  
There are varying ways to set up on-site massage. The company can pay the therapist by the hour if more for a thank you.  The company can pay a portion of the fee and the employees pay a portion if more of an on going health maintenance program
Contact UpliftingTouch Therapies for rates and availability and allow massage therapy to improve the overall energy in your office setting.

Rob Laubach